(Barid) Xi Ai

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
National University of Singapore
barid.x.ai (at) gmail.com

About Me

I am a Postdoc at WING from NUS, supervised by Prof. Min-Yen Kan and Prof. Zhiyong Huang. I obtained my PhD at Chongqing University, MSc at University of Edinburgh, and BSc at Northumbira University. Before my PhD programme, I worked in WISEST AI lab, a start-up company sponsored by SPIC. My lab failed in a Chatbot Project (before GPT !) around 2018. So I decided to go back to university for PhD training and just found one in my hometown.

Research Interests


Recent Publications




When I'm not working, I'm often palying basketball. I co-coached the college basketball team in my PhD time.

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